North Coast 500 Filling Stations
North Coast 500 Filling Stations

The North Coast and the whole region of the Scottish highlands is easily accessible, with several filling stations along the North Coast 500 route, regardless of where you are traveling from. The area is well-serviced with good rail and road links, making it convenient for visitors to explore.

Traveling to the Scottish Highlands: A Guide to Transportation and Services

One popular option is the famous and wonderfully scenic West Highland Line, which offers breathtaking views of the Scottish countryside. Additionally, Aberdeen and Inverness airports are located 100 and 5 miles respectively from Inverness, providing convenient air travel options. For those flying into Prestwick Airport, located about 45 minutes south of Glasgow, there is a fast and regular rail link available.

Transportation Options

Once you arrive in the area, there are various transportation options available to help you explore the Scottish Highlands. For those looking to embark on a road trip, North Coast 500 car hire is a popular choice. You can rent a car from one of the many rental companies along the route, allowing you to have the freedom to explore at your own pace. Alternatively, if you prefer a more eco-friendly option, NC500 bike hire is also available, allowing you to cycle through the stunning landscapes of the highlands.

If you prefer not to drive, there are also bus services that operate in the area, providing convenient and affordable transportation. These services are well-established and offer local connections, making it easy for you to visit different towns and attractions.

For those who prefer not to navigate the roads themselves, there are taxi services in Inverness that can pick you up from any Scottish airport or railway station. These taxi services also offer Highland tours, allowing you to experience the beauty of the region with a knowledgeable guide.

Planning Your Trip

Before embarking on your journey to the Scottish Highlands, it's important to plan ahead and gather all the necessary information. To assist you in your trip planning, we have provided travel information and useful links to help you prepare.

Our useful links page contains details of transportation options, including car rentals and bike hire, as well as other helpful information about the North Coast 500 route. Whether you're looking for information on bus schedules or tips on exploring the highlands, you'll find it all in one place.

If you're arriving by air, you can compare flights to the area and then make arrangements to rent a car from any Scottish airport. Alternatively, you may consider renting a car from a local garage in Fort William, which can be collected from Inverness Railway station or delivered to your hotel, providing flexibility and convenience.

Fuel and Services

When traveling along the North Coast 500 route, it's important to be aware of fuel and service options. Petrol, diesel, and electric vehicle charging points are now available in most larger towns, ensuring that you can refuel or recharge your vehicle as needed. However, it's important to note that rural filling stations may have limited opening hours, especially during certain times of the year. It's always a good idea to plan your fuel stops accordingly and be prepared for any potential closures.

In case of any breakdowns or repairs, there are 24-hour breakdown and servicing garages available in Inverness and the surrounding areas. This provides peace of mind knowing that help is readily available should you encounter any issues during your journey.

As you embark on your adventure through the Scottish Highlands, take the time to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the region. With convenient transportation options and a range of services to support your journey, exploring this beautiful part of Scotland has never been easier.