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North Coast 500 Speed Limits
North Coast 500 Speed Limits

North Coast 500 Speed Limits

What are the North Coast 500 Speed Limits?

If you are planning on zooming around the NC500 like a bad thing then maybe you should realise a few things first about the speed limits on this iconic coastal route around the Scottish highlands. firstly there are no motorways in the highlands and very few sections of dual carriageway, thus the whole route is made up of single carriageway and single track roads.

nc500 mph kmhThe national speed limit on single carriage roads is 60mph for cars & motorcycles and 50mph for Motorhomes (the average free-flow speed around the route is 48mph), though there may be few occasions that you will be safe to drive at this speed. The reality is, the north coast 500 has become such a popular route in peak season that congestion has become a sad reality in such a rural setting. with sports cars, motorhomes, cyclists, walkers, hikers, campervans, daytrippers, sightseers, Roadtrippers, truckers & van drivers not to mention the local people just trying to commute. (the Isle Of Skye was closed to Motorhomes for a period in 2019 due to the congestion on the island). If you are planning this nc500 route in 2020 and you do find yourself caught up in traffic don't be a fanny, remember you are part of the problem and part of the solution. Courtesy patience & manners are a must on this road so drive correctly for the conditions. You don't want to end up In Fanny Bay! Do You?

Always obey the speed limits and always slow down when entering towns & villages around this route the roads can be long & winding and sharp & twisty always take care.


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