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North Coast 500 Start and End Points

starting and ending in Inverness this 516 ish miles north coast route which is now often daubed as Scotland’s version of the world famous American Route 66, the NC500 Scottish road trip allows you to absorb the breath-taking culture and heritage one embarks on this journey. Its not a race so there is no real start and end points, this is meant to be a coast route around the coast of The northern higland's to be able to take in the local scenery and highland hospitality as meander around single track roads and admire the most beautiful scenery Scotland has to offer.


Created in 2014 by the North Highland Initiative. The route brings together 500 miles (516 exactly if you dont falter from the official route) of the finest of Scottish landmarks and food. The North Coast NC500 starts and ends in the Highland capital inverness at the statue of flora mcdonald in the grounds of Inverness Castle.

flora macdonald

516 miles in total from start to finish if you follow the official route 

The North Coast 500 is ideally suited for touring and sightseeing, chilling and taking things slowly.

We would recommend to drive the North Coast 500 in around 5 days, but 7 to 10 days would be more realistic timescale to take it all in.

You could possibly do it with 3 full days and night, but we recommend more time for your own enjoyment of this spectaclular road trip.

You can travel the route either clock-wise or anti-clockwise it's up to you.

If you want to go straight for the breath-taking views, we recommend heading West straight off.

Places to visit like Applecross, ullapool are guaranteed to excite you with amazing vistas!

If you go direct to Wick John O’ Groats which is roughly around the middle of the amazing route, you will most certainly enjoy breathtaking cliffs and beaches  both on the East and West!

Save yourself a day or two travelling and jump right in your journey, We hope to help you see more and make your journey that wee bit less stressful!


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Start North Coast 500 Finish

Scotland's Ultimate Roadtrip.
Start from here at Inverness Castle at the statue of Flora Macdonald.
Go travelling & sightseeing around Scotland's amazing landmarks and scenery
along this amazing coastal route now being daubed as Scotland's very own Route 66.
 Finish At The Same Place You StartedFrom Simples.
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North Coast 500 Food Stops


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