NC 500 Scotlands Route 66

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Wild Camping The NC 500

Wild camping is legal in Scotland on the North Coast 500 so feel free to do so but there are a few guidelines that all campers should follow when wild camping. respect the countryside and property use styles to gain access and always close gates behind you if you had to open it. stay safe and enjoy happy wild camping in Scotland!

Wild camping is an amazing way to experience the North Coast 500 Roadtrip, whether it’s watching the sun rise or backpacking your way along the famous Northern Coast of Scotland in the Highland's version of the world-famous Route 66.

One of the great joys of wild camping is the chance to sleep under the stars in beautiful rural locations.  Wild camping is a pretty much a blanket term that covers basically every type of camping outside of the usual type of regular "Camping on a campsite", like in your back garden or at a music festival it is just regular old camping. Camping near enough anywhere else is wild camping.

Wild camping on Scotland North Coast 500 route is a popular activity for those exploring the Scottish Highlands

Wild camping is a popular activity for those exploring the North Coast 500 route in Scotland. However, it's important to be aware of the guidelines and regulations for wild camping in the area to ensure that you are respecting the local environment and communities. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning to wild camp on the North Coast 500:

  • Choose your location carefully: Wild camping is only allowed in certain areas, and it's important to choose a spot that is away from any residential areas or private property. Look for an area that is flat, dry, and away from any water sources.
  • Leave no trace: When wild camping, it's important to leave no trace of your presence. This means packing out all of your garbage, not digging any holes, and not disturbing any wildlife or plants.
  • Respect the environment: The North Coast 500 is home to a variety of wildlife, some of which are protected by law. Be sure to camp in a way that does not disturb the local environment or wildlife.
  • Follow fire safety guidelines: If you plan to have a fire while camping, be sure to follow fire safety guidelines and check for any local fire restrictions or bans. Use only small, contained fires, and be sure to fully extinguish them before leaving.
  • Respect local communities: Wild camping can be disruptive to local communities, so it's important to be respectful of their needs and customs. Be sure to keep noise levels down and avoid camping near any residential areas.
  • Check for any regulations: Finally, be sure to check for any local regulations or guidelines for wild camping in the area you plan to visit. Some areas may have specific rules or restrictions, and it's important to follow them to ensure the continued enjoyment of the North Coast 500 for all visitors.

Remember that wild camping is a privilege, not a right, and it's important to be respectful of the environment and communities in the area. By following these guidelines and being responsible, you can have a safe and enjoyable wild camping experience on the North Coast 500.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Remember If you are planning a wild camping trip on the North Coast 500, always be sure to take the time to familiarise yourself with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. It is not complicated, all campers basically have to do is follow one simple rule, 'leave-no-trace'.