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NC500 Route66 Scotland

North Coast 500 Free Directory Listing Service

Free business directory listing service for the spectacular 516-mile scenic route around the northern coast of Scotland, Local businesses and organisation can list their business for Free. The route snakes around beautiful scenery and passes by many well known local featured businesses located in the Highlands of Scotland all incorporated into one very iconic pleasurable touring route around Scotland. Don't let it pass you by.


The Amazing North Coast 500!

Want to make your road trip more memorable? Then follow our links and suggestions of places to visit around the Scottish Highlands

Places To Visit

North Coast 500 Is The Ultimate Roadtrip

Scotland's North Coast 500 is a spectacular route of 516 miles of beautiful mountains, stunning lochs, castles, and huge sea cliffs along the stunning wild coast of the northern Scottish Highlands. Our guide aims to help it more accessible and easy for you to enjoy and get the most out of your NC 500 road trip


North Coast 500 Car Hire

North Coast 500 Car Hire is available for you to complete the 516-mile route around the northern coast of Scotland, as it snakes around beautiful scenery and historic features around the Highlands of Scotland. Why not do it in style with a luxury or classic car or maybe even a campervan.

North Coast 500 Accommodation

North Coast 500 accommodation you can find around the 516-mile route around the northern coast of Scotland, Guesthouses, B&B's, Lodgings, Hotels, Campsites, Glamping, hostels

NC500? You Cannae Buy It!!!

But You Can Drive it, Walk It, Cycle it, Sail It, whichever way you choose the North Coast 500 is Now Being daubed As Scotland's Very Own Route 66 Making It The Ultimate Scottish road trip.

NC500 Scotland's Route66

North Coast 500 tourist route information

Welcome to our guide to Scotland’s North Coast 500 well show you the best landmarks to visit, places to eat & stay, campsites, pubs, 

Scotland's North Coast 500 is a spectacular route of 516 miles of beautiful mountains, stunning lochs, castles, and huge sea cliffs along the stunning wild coast of the northern Scottish Highlands. Our guide aims to help it more accessible and easy for you to enjoy and get the most out of your NC 500 road trip



The Government in Scotland & NHS Scotland are well prepared to deal with this virus. You can help too. The best way to protect yourself and others is Wash your hands with soap and water, or use a sanitiser gel, regularly throughout the day. Catch your cough or sneeze in a tissue, bin it, and wash your hands. Thisisthe best way to slow the spread of almost any germs, including Coronavirus. If you recently arrived back from specified areas followthereturning traveller advice. Check the list of areas and find out more at:

Get Your Fish & Chips On Route 66

Get Your Fish & Chips On Route 66

Get Your Fish & Chips On Scotland's Route 66

fish chipsBest Fish and chips shops on the North Coast 500 fish & chips has long been an excellent meal choice for those that just want a quick and tasty takeaway meal. On the NC500 in the Scottish Highlands, we are lucky enough to have several good quality fish and chip shops all along the highland's coastal route also known as Scotlands route66, most of them use award-winning local fish and potatoes, but it is the location that makes them taste so good, these chippies that keep the customers coming back for more. We have created a directory of the best chippies on Scotland's ultimate road trip for you to try.

North Coast 500 Racetrack

North Coast 500 Racetrack

Police have called the North Coast 500 a racetrack.

north coast 500 police

Norther Constabulary have issued a warning to driver's on the NC500  ahead of the 2020 summer rush by tourists to drive the North Coast 500. Last year 70 drivers received warnings and 40 were dealt with by way of fixed penalties at the scene or will be reported to the procurator fiscal for prosecution. 

Northern Constabulary said offences included dangerous driving and speeding, other motorists were also detected on the route driving carelessly, failing to wear a seatbelt & using a mobile phone while driving. The North Coast 500 is attracting more and more tourists every year, most of these drivers are not from the local area and are not used to driving on the left or on single track roads.

Scotland’s travel ban set to begin

Preventing people from travelling in level four lockdown areas comes into force in Scotland on Boxing day.

nc500 police carThe North Coast 500 in Scotland will be in level 4 of Scotland’s coronvirus alert system frommidight on Boxing day 2020.

It is against the law to travel unless there is a “reasonable excuse” – so how is that defined?

When will the north coast 500 tourist route reopen?

Scotland's North Coast 500 tourist route set to reopen by mid-July.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice. Not all businesses on the North Coast 500 are operating as advertised due to the current Coronavirus situation. Please see the latest advice on travel and booking.

i love north coast 500

All being well More than two-thirds of businesses around this 516 mile tourist route around the Scottish highland's (The North Coast 500 - NC500) are getting ready to reopen as soon as they are given the all-clear by the Scottish Government. The whole of the Scottish Highland's has welcomed the recent announcement from the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Tourism, Fergus Ewing, of the provisional date of 15th July when tourism businesses may be able to resume operations.

New tariff at electric vehicle (EV) charging points On The North Coast 500

The Highland Council has decided to introduce a tariff at EV charge points, starting on 1 June 2021.

nc 500 ev vehicle car hireThe new tariff is intended to recover costs associated with the operation and upkeep of the network, transitioning Highland Council to a more sustainable operating model.

The number of EVs on the roads has doubled in the last year, therefore the risk in electricity supply will be upwards of those numbers without a tariff in place. The approach taken is fully endorsed by the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland and is designed to enable the Council to support and maintain the service offered, but also encourage best practice amongst users at charge points, facilitating all journeys.

Police target North Coast 500

Police Target NC 500 Drivers As Lockdown is Lifted

As traffic is beginning to increase on the North Coast 500 following the lifting of the five-mile restriction on travel for leisure and also the reopening of Scotland's tourism industry. things are getting busy again on this amazing coast route. before the coronavirus pandemic, the route was being daubed Scotlands route 66 and caused a large influx of drivers of all types of vehicles looking to travel the route. Then with the introduction of restrictions on travel and tourism, the route quickly became quiet again. But now that the lockdown is being eased it seems to be thriving again as around 15 drivers have been charged with speeding in the first major crackdown on the Highland's NC500 since lockdown, with another 22 motorists received warnings for other road traffic offenses during the recent police operation across the Highlands.

Supercar hangs over Bridge with 50ft drop on North Coast 500

Our first fanny has arrived at Fanny Bay

NC 500 Route 66The driver of a Porsche had a lucky escapeafter the car was left dangling over a 50ft drop after losing control and crashing into a stone bridge going over the Struy on the Highlands North coast 500 route.

Inverness To Smoo Cave Day Trip Map

Smoo Cave Map For Day Trips From Inverness

Why not go on a day trip from Inverness To Smoo Cave and use our maps to find these amazing natural caves and waterfalls you won't regret it. located in Durness, Sutherland in the northwest of Scotland. you can get guided tours for small groups are available between April - October.

Tips For Driving The Noth Coast 500 Scotlands Route 66

Drive too many hours at once and you will be in danger of missing the sights along the way and only make yourself tired. Try to aim at driving not more than 5 hours a day. always allow for the time you will be stopping to fuel up, eat and just have of coffee. Remember that the North Coast 500 is not a motorway, so you will go slower. It's not a race.

Follow our simple tips to help you along the way as you travel around this amazing coastal route around the Scottish highland's

NC 500 Motorhomes & campervan Links

Discover things like where you can and can't park up for the night, waste disposal locations, and designated campervan and motorhome parks along the nc500 route.

Hidden Gems On The NC500 Tourist Route Around The Scottish Highland's

i love north coast 500

North Coast 500 Local News

North Coast 500 Fanny bay

This is the place on the North Coast 500 you don't want to be at.

North Coast 500 Route Maps and information to help you plan your journey if you are visiting the Scottish highland, You don't need to be doing the NC500 to have a great time on scotlands roads.

The North Coast 500 is Scotland's answer to Route 66 and although the suggested route is around 516 miles long, you don't have to complete the route in one go, we have listed several trips which are quite easily completed in a day using The Highland's capital city of Inverness as your base.