North Coast 500 Route66

Scotland's Ultimate Roadtrip.
Find all the best places to see, stay & play. Go sightseeing around Scotland's amazing landmarks and scenery
along this amazing coastal route now being daubed as Scotland's very own Route 66.
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North Coast 500 Business Description

Focus Car Hire In Inverness

Focus Vehicle Rental Car hire in Inverness, we have a diverse fleet of over 250 vehicles available for hire, Do your Nortcoast 500 road trio in style with a luxury car, or something a bit sporty thyen we can help with that too

With our main office at 6 Harbour Road, we also have a depot at Inverness Airport and a collection facility at Inverness Railway Station. Like so many businesses in today's age of environmental awareness we are presently expanding our fleet to include more hybrid cars.

Our current Eco-Friendly Range include, Toyota Yaris, and Toyota Rav4, BMW 330 Hybrid, 5 Series Hybrid, BMW X5 Hybrid and Range Rover Vogue Hybrid. We also have plans for electric vehicles in the near future.

With being in the Highlands of Scotland, we also have on fleet the full range of the Land Rover’s including Land Rover Defender 7-seater, Land Rover Defender 5 seat utility, Land Rover Discovery 5, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Vogue.

For all your Local car, van, minibus and 4x4 vehicle rentals in the Scottish Highlands. Car hire Starts from £23 per day!

Whether you need to hire a car, van, tipper or minibus at Inverness Airport, Inverness railway station or our town location. Focus Vehicle Rental will look after your rental needs.

At Inverness Airport we supply rental cars to Easyjet, British Airways and Flybe customers.

Want to hire something special? Why not try our elite range of car rentals - everything from a Ford Mustang to a Range Rover sport.

Book a Hire car online using our secure rental system or Give Us A Call Today.


01463 709517



Best car hire company in inverness
Posted by Jarvis on 16-02-2020 17:31:53 | Rating:

Best car hire company in inverness grat range of cars at a really good price plus its a local company so you get a better service

davy flanagan
Great Staff
Posted by davy flanagan on 23-01-2020 01:47:26 | Rating:

Excellent choice for cheap car hire on the NC500 route

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North Coast 500 Roadtrip News

  • North Coast 500 Speed Limits

    North Coast 500 Speed Limits
    North Coast 500 Speed Limits

    What are the North Coast 500 Speed Limits?

    If you are planning on zooming around the NC500 like a bad thing then maybe you should realise a few things first about the speed limits on this iconic coastal route around the scottish highlands. firstly there are no motorways in the highland's and very few sections of dual carriageway, thus the whole route is nmade up of single carriageway and single track roads. The national speed limit on single carriage roads is 60mph for cars & motorcycles 50mph for Motorhomes (the average free flow speed around the route is 48mph), though there may be few occasions that you will be safe to drive at this speed. The reality is, the north coast 500 has become such a popular route in peak season that congestion has become a sad reality in such a rural setting. with sports cars, motorhomes, cyclists, walkers, hikers, campervans, daytrippers, sightseers, roadtrippers, truckers & van drivers not to mention the local people just trying to commute. (the Isle Of Skye was closed to Motorhomes for a period in 2019 due to the congestion on the island). If you are planning this nc500 route in 2020 and you do find yourself caught up in traffic don't be a fanny, remember you are part of the problem and part of the solution. Courtesy patience & manners are a must on this road so drive correctly for the conditions. You don't want to end up In Fanny Bay! Do You?

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    The Government in Scotland & NHS Scotland are well prepared to deal with this virus. You can help too. The best way to protect yourself and others is Wash your hands with soap and water, or use a sanitiser gel, regularly throughout the day. Catch your cough or sneeze in a tissue, bin it, and wash your hands. Thisisthe best way to slow the spread of almost any germs, including Coronavirus. If you recently arrived back from specified areas followthereturning traveller advice. Check the list of areas and find out more at:

  • Highland Escapes And Retreats

    Highland Escapes And Retreats
    Highland Escapes And Retreats

    The Romantic To The Adventuorus

    Nestling in picturesque glens Highland country villages lay delights you could only dream of, Starting from Inverness (the Gateway To The Highland;s), in the very heart of the Highlands of Scotland, is a quite delightful little authentic Scottish coastal tourist called the North Coast 500 

    Inverness is the ultimate starting point of this amazing Scottish roadtrip. The perfect place for that special romantic break or retreat from the rat race - just relax and take in the environment around you let your soul go and escape from the strains an stresses of everyday life

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