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along this amazing coastal route now being daubed as Scotland's very own Route 66.
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North Coast 500 Business Description

Stacks Coffee House and Bistro is a an informal and quirky little Bistro/Coffee house run by mother and daughter team Teresa and Rebecca (Us!). They serve fresh, seasonal menus to customers 5 days a week. make everything in house and pride themselves on producing little and often to keep food super fresh. As well as lunches, evening meals and outside catering, they offer a generous range of big homemade bakes and cakes to have with our artisan Scottish coffee.


John o' Groats
01955 611582
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Address On The NC500

3, Craft Centre, John o' Groats, Wick KW1 4YR, UK



davy flanagan
Great Coffe !!!!
Posted by davy flanagan on 24-01-2020 11:04:23 | Rating:

Great Coffe !!!!

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North Coast 500 Roadtrip News

  • Supercar hangs over Bridge with 50ft drop on North Coast 500

    Our first fanny has arrived at Fanny Bay

    The driver of a Porsche had a lucky escapeafter the car was left dangling over a 50ft drop after losing control and crashing into a stone bridge going over the Struy on the Highlands North coast 500 route.

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