North Coast 500 Route66

Scotland's Ultimate Roadtrip.
Find all the best places to see, stay & play. Go sightseeing around Scotland's amazing landmarks and scenery
along this amazing coastal route now being daubed as Scotland's very own Route 66.
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EV Charging Staition
Electric Car Recharge

North Coast 500 Business Description

Falls Of Shin EVOLT Electic Vehicle Charging Point is located in the grounds of the falls Of shin visitor centre, actually sits just beside the large carpark with easy access. 

To use the EVOLT network in scotland on The NC500 you will need to register first, todo this you will need a credit card but the majority of charge points in Scotland are currently free to use

The majority of public charge points you will find on the North Coast 500 will fully charge most EVs in 4-8 hours. EVOLT Rapid chargers can charge most EVs from 0 to 80% in 20-30 minutes.


Falls Of Shin
EV Charge Point Model
EV Charging Types Available
CHADEMO - Accelerated / 22KW / DC, COMBO CCS EU - Accelerated/ 22KW / DC, Type 2 - Accelerated / 22KW / AC - three phases
EV Charge Point Authentication System
EV Charging Network

Address On The NC500

Falls of Shin Visitor Centre, Lairg IV27 4EX, UK



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  • North Coast 500 Route66 is Closed Due To COVID-19

    North Coast 500 NC500 is Closed Due To COVID-19 to Tourists until further notice.!!!



  • NC500 Day Trips

    North Coast 500 Day Trips

    The North Coast 500 is Scotland's answer to Route 66 and although the suggested route is around 516 miles long, you dont have to complete the route in one go, we have listed several trips which are quite easily completed in a day using the The Highland's capital city of Inverness as your base.

    Try one of the following amazing routes to get you going on the North Coast 500.

    • Inverness To Ullapool
    • Inverness To Applecross
    • Inverness To Plockton
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