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Find all the best places to see, stay & play. Go sightseeing around Scotland's amazing landmarks and scenery
along this amazing coastal route now being daubed as Scotland's very own Route 66.
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Inver Caravan Park

Inver Caravan Park is open all year. It is adjacent to the A9, right on the North Coast 500 driving route, also a very useful stop-off for walkers and cyclists doing the End-to-End in either direction, and for those heading to or from the Orkney islands. It's also great if you are walking the 'John o' Groats Trail' from Inverness to John o' Groats. Stop here for a few days and walk the cliffs without your back-pack, using the bus to return here after your planned daily walk. It's also a relaxed place to chill out!


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Camper Vans, Tents, Caravans, Motorhomes
Pet Friendly
Campsite Amenities
Toilets WC, Showers, Electricity Hook Up

Address On The NC500

inver park house & inver caravan park, Houstry, Road, Dunbeath KW6 6EH, UK



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