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Scotland's Ultimate Roadtrip.
Find all the best places to see, stay & play. Go sightseeing around Scotland's amazing landmarks and scenery
along this amazing coastal route now being daubed as Scotland's very own Route 66.
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The beautiful and historic Aldourie Castle is a 5* exclusive hire property in Scotland available for sole let to one group booking or stay. Rent a Castle in the UK in a prime position on the Scottish southern shoreline, it is the only habitable castle on Loch Ness.

For a day, a week or even longer you can take over this enchanting Castle as your own home. It is the ideal family house party property and guests can enjoy using every room inside and wandering around the 500 acre Scottish Highlands Estate at their leisure. Why not experience Christmas in a castle with a family house party at Aldourie. Multi-generational group stays over the festive period can embrace the intimacy and nostalgia of Aldourie Castle as well as all the luxury that comes with it.

Experience private luxury group accommodation in one of the most exquisite and unique castles on Loch Ness in Scotland. Rent a castle in the UK with our exclusive use property near Inverness and let it become a striking backdrop to any corporate or social event and the scenic setting and peaceful atmosphere to private executive meeting spaces for business use. Aldourie offers your client and staff the most amazing setting for a corporate winter retreat in Scotland  or that important early New Year board meeting.

Romantic Aldourie Castle is the most wonderful place in the Scottish Highlands to hold an intimate wedding celebration, high profile wedding, special birthday or anniversary party. The four holiday cottages in the Aldourie grounds are the ideal destination for a relaxing family holiday or couples’ retreat on Loch Ness as well as a great base for walking holidays and cycling stays in Scotland.

The majestic and inspiring Highlands setting also makes Aldourie Castle Estate a unique photoshoot or filming location.


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Address On The NC500

The Estate Office, Aldourie Castle, Loch Ness, Inverness IV2 6EL, UK



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North Coast 500 Roadtrip News

  • Local Activities

    Local Activities in the Scottish Highlands

    Looking to explore the Scottish Highlands on a budget or live it up in pure luxury. Then Scotland is for you

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  • North Coast 500 Route 66 Roadtrip

    What is The North Coast 500

    Simply The North Coast 500 is an amazing 516-mile scenic route which winds around the northern coastline of Scotland, beginning and ending at the Highlands Capital Inverness Castle. Also known as the NC500, Connecting many tourist spectacles as you wind your way around the coast of North Highlands of Scotland, It has become an iconic touring route. among motorists and cyclists since its first launch in 2015.

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  • Driving On North Coast 500

    Driving On North Coast 500
    Driving On North Coast 500

    Driving On North Coast 500 Roads

    While driving on the North Coast 500 always take extra care while driving on single track and narrow roads and always reduce your speed at approaches to bends, which can be sharper than they appear, also at junctions and turnings, which may be partially hidden. Dont Beep The Sheep Either !!!

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